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$10,000 Goal

KEC receives most of our annual revenue from this fundraising drive. What do we plan to do with the money we receive? Here are some practical plans and some big ideas!

A donation of $40 – helps keep our website up and running

A donation of $100 – funds room rental for one month's KEC Presents!

A donation of $150 - helps fund a table at the Farmer’s Market

A donation of $500 – helps pay legal fees

A donation of $1000 – $4000 - Hires an environmental specialist (wetland biologist to comment on a critical area variance), intern, and/or ongoing administrative assistance so volunteers can focus on a thriving environment

A donation of $5000 or more – funds big dreams – what are yours?  

  • Buy insect/nature kits for school events
  • Keep an environmental lawyer on retainer
  • Hire native plant specialists to identify and remove invasive plants 
  • Perform a wildlife inventory 
  • Identify local wetlands
  • Conduct amphibian population count on local ponds 

For every donation this year, you will receive a postcard featuring artwork from KEC members. 

"Protecting Kitsap's Natural Environment: It Takes Us All."

KEC begins its meetings with this statement:

We acknowledge that we are on the ancestral lands of the Coast Salish people. It is in this setting that KEC's mission is to educate and advocate for safe water, air, and soil to support a sustainable environment. KEC sees nature as having its own inalienable and inherent rights. Humans are part of nature, not owners of it. We have come together as a group because of a call to action for the future of all beings and our planet. We embrace inclusion and diversity and recognize that we all bring different experiences, talents, perspectives, and strengths to KEC. We are grateful for life.

Who are We: Past and Future

KEC was formed in 2018 by a fired-up group of people who had seen enough of our precious county cut down in clear cuts and routinely sprayed with toxic chemicals.  Since then, we’ve worked hard to protect the things we love.  And we have been effective.  

KEC celebrated 5 years of successful environmental education and advocacy in 2023. All of KEC's work is done by volunteers. Last year we logged in over 2,000 hours of volunteer time. We are increasingly engaged in activities that benefit from fundraising. While KEC is volunteer-operated, KEC needs assistance for media and communications work where we do not have available volunteers. We also need assistance for meetings and materials to support events. Over the past year alone, we: 

•  were key participants in the successful reactivation of the state's Trust Land Transfer program to preserve state lands, including the Eglon Trust Lands.

• were a major force in the successful effort to transfer Eglon Trust Lands from state controlled "management for money" to a County controlled "management for nature".

• supported the Kitsap Board of County Commissioners' efforts to protect state lands on Green Mountain.

• supported KEC members as they challenged the County about excessive variances to wetland buffers and other critical areas.

• extensively commented on proposed changes in the County's Comprehensive Plan; Critical Areas Ordinance; and Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan to ensure that these guiding documents reflect alignment with our mission.

• re-started the monthly KEC Presents! , the monthly film and discussion series at the Village Green in Kingston.

• received the Kitsap Board of County Commissioners' Earth Day Award.

• created more alliances with other organizations to support our mission. 

In 2024, KEC is taking on a new challenge with our partners: achieving Net Ecological Gain. Net ecological gain means that we no longer accept only preventing damage, contamination, and loss to existing natural areas due to human activity. Net ecological gain means that after development, there is an increase in biodiversity and/or resilience that improves the functioning of ecosystems. KEC also advocates for protections and improvements to more areas than those already preserved.

It's easy to get focused on things we don't want. We are increasingly focused on things that we do want to see in Kitsap County. KEC's vision is a county where people along with wildlife thrive.

“As I write my check to donate to KEC via the Kitsap Great Give, I think of the reasons I support KEC. First, KEC is the only organization of its kind in the County. We deal with the full spectrum of environmental issues and all aspects of nature. Second, the volunteers are passionate and focused on solutions. KEC is run by volunteers and the hard work is accomplished by volunteers. At least 20 people spend several hours per week (each) helping you and KEC protect and improve the environment. Third, we clearly identify problems and offer solutions. Solutions to crises and improvements to the County's long term strategies and ordinances. I urge you to support our team with a donation.”  - David Onstad, KEC Board President

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The KEC's mission is to educate and advocate for safe and clean water, air, and soil to support the health of all life.


Help KEC protect Kitsap's environment from overdevelopment through advocacy and education.

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