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Help provide an instrument, the instruction and support to over 70 students.


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Hi my name is Suuri, I joined KIC in 2017 when I was seven years old.  I am now a 7th grader and I play the viola with KIC.  I think KIC is a great program and I hope many other children will have a chance to experience how great it is. We get to learn music and have a fun time hanging out with old friends and making new ones.  When I was little and I first joined KIC, I was scared to go by myself but mentors helped me to feel safe and welcomed.  Now I get to do that for other kids and it feels really cool.  KIC has led me to so many cool experiences, our orchestra even gets to play at Benarya hall with the Seattle Symphony this month.  

At Kids In Concert our goal is simple - to provide a quality music education, the instrument and the support to any child who wants to participate.  We are radically committed to accessibility.  Affluent communities spend on average 7x as much on out of classroom experiences then do less affluent.  By the time a child from these communities reaches middle school, they have benefitted from 6000 hours of expanded learning activities - activities which are directly correlated to in-classroom performance.  At KIC, we close this opportunity gap by nearly half, and we do it for free.

Please help me support KIC so we can continue to bring the benefits of a music education, leadership through mentoring, and social and emotional development to youth in our community.  

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Kids in Concert

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